Another way to use LonelyDrops lists without dropdowns

Although version 1.0 of LonelyDrops was initially intended to be used with drop-down lists on SELECT elements, here we are going to describe additional ways to manipulate the lists to get other screen presentations. In this case, we have prepared a sample with the list of countries organized by continent with links on each country.

LonelyDrops has available a set of Javascript arrays containing the data stored in each list. The format of this array will never change in LonelyDrops version 1.0 (and later versions will not affect in any way the deployments with version 1.0 of LonelyDrops)

The secret to getting other presentations beyond SELECT dropdown lists is to use arrays that can be extracted directly from data files containing the lists. See an example here of the array format,


And here is an example with a short Javascript manipulating these lists to get other screen presentations of the data stored in LonelyDrops.


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